Mr. Bruner is a serial entrepreneur and inventor.  He has been the Founder or Co-Founder of 13 companies spanning the globe in just over the past decade.  In addition, he has been the architect of business initiatives that have generated tens of millions in investment interest.  Along with his portfolio companies-he has been both interviewed and invited to Capitol Hill, on multiple occasions, to speak as a subject matter expert and as a leading expert in various fields.  Also of note-both, he and his portfolio companies have been featured in press such as The Washington Post, Huffington Post,, Telemundo, VOA, and MTV. 

Additionally, he presently consults and has advised companies on growth, strategy, organizational development, and talent procurement on almost every continent.  A member of numerous company Boards spanning the globe-his unique expertise, knowledge, experience, and insight is highly sought after.  Prior to venturing into business ownership, Mr. Bruner enjoyed an accomplished and multiple award-winning career as both a Director and an Executive in telecommunications, channel/brand management, and public relations.  He presently has several technology related patents presently under development.