Wolf Trap Opera with Hong Kong Ballet featuring Terra Firma Dance

Saturday 6/23 8:00PM | $45 | Union Market - Dock 5
Sunday 6/24 1:00PM | $45 | Union Market - Dock 5
Event Information

A stunning new production from the wildly successful creators of 2017’s The Fall of the House of Usher, this theatrical event observes and comments on the American experience through a myriad of musical lenses.

The first half of the program, America: the Beautiful, the Blended, the Bared explores the terrain of our nation’s east coast and deep south through a cross-genre program of American and American-influenced music. Arrangements of familiar songs will feature dancers from the Hong Kong Ballet and Terra Firma Dance Company, alongside members of Wolf Trap Opera, visually accompanied by a backdrop of American photos that come from you  - our audience!

In the second half we are taken on a virtual and musical travelogue through the United States with The Seven Deadly Sins by Kurt Weill and his collaborator Berthold Brecht where cabaret, jazz and popular American music of the twenties comes alive. Sisters, the practical Anna I (a singer) and the impulsive Anna II (a dancer), set out across America to seek their fortune and create a new home. During their seven-year journey they are tempted by each of the biblical deadly sins. Disillusioned, they eventually give up their dreams and ideals return to their family.

Featured artwork courtesy Michael Craig-Martin and Alan Cristea Gallery. 

Full program here. 


Creative Team:
Septime Webre, stage director & choreographer
Joseph Li, musical director

Seven Deadly Sins Cast:
Anna I –      Annie Rosen, soprano
Anna II –     Ye Feifei, dancer
Family –      Piotr Buszewski, tenor
                    Nicholas Nestorak, tenor
                    Johnathan McCullough, baritone
                    Anthony Reed, bass
                    Li Jiabo, dancer
                    Xia Jun, dancer
                    Kyle Lin, dancer
                    Jonathan Spigner, dancer


America: the Beautiful, the Blended, The Bared Cast:
Zoie Reams, mezzo
Piotr Buszewski, tenor
Nicholas Nestorak, tenor
Johnathan McCullough, baritone
Anthony Reed, bass
Terra Firma Dance Company
Members of the Hong Kong Ballet
Christopher Koelzer, pianist
Joseph Connell, percussion


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